With Thanksgiving Day just around the corner I’m getting you all in the mood with a super cute Thanksgiving Day hairstyle using your Milk + Bush Hair Extensions!

Thanksgiving is all about getting cosy with your family and sharing loads of amazing food together so you want a low maintenance, easy to achieve hairstyle that is guaranteed to look beautiful in those family snaps.

My half up braided bun hairstyle is perfect for the occasion. It’s suuuper pretty and really simple to do, so you can spend less time perfecting your look and more time filling up on those tasty Thanksgiving treats.

For this hairstyle I’m using my Milk + Blush 16-18” Classic Seamless Set in the shade ‘Slayer’ which I’ve toned slightly. Then you’ll just need a curling wand, some hair ties and some trusty bobby pins.

Start by clipping in the wefts at the back of your head. If you’re using the Classic Set this will be a 2-clip weft, followed by a 3-clip weft, your 4-clip quad weft and the remaining 3-clip weft. If you’re using a Triple or Quad Weft Set this will be two 3-clip wefts followed by the 4-clip weft.

Tie the top section of hair into a ponytail. You can leave some pieces of hair out at the front to frame the face and give the hairstyle that more relaxed look.

Once that’s done you can curl the lengths of the hair, you can do this however you like! I’ve used a tapered wand and alternated the way I’ve curled the hair i.e going away and towards the face – don’t forget those front pieces!

Next, take two 2-clip wefts and clip one to the other to create a thicker weft and clip this around the base of the ponytail you’ve created. Once it’s secure, braid the hair into a three strand braid, secure at the end and pinch and pull on the outside of the braid to make it fuller and thicker.

Twist the braid into a bun shape and secure with bobby pins and that’s the look done! How easy was that?!

This hairstyle is the perfect Thanksgiving look! It’s relaxed, sooo pretty and gives you that cosy autumnal vibe.

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