Hair Talk: Paige From 'Paige Joanna'

This week, it’s the lovely Paige who’s being questioned by us. Read on to find out all about feisty redheads and, ahem, ‘pre-poo’?

Talk us through your everyday haircare routine

I only wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week so I don’t really have a daily routine but more like a wash routine. Which usually on a normal day I would shampoo twice, condition, use hair serum and blow dry. However, once a week I do something called a ‘pre-poo’ which I use Argan oil to coat the mid and lengths of my hair about an hour or two (sometimes over night) in the oil before washing. Then follow by adding a tiny amount to towel dry hair on the ends.

Tell us some of your favourite quick and easy hairstyles

I love messy ponytails, milkbraids and 60’s half up half down looks!

If you could take 3 of your hair holy grails to a desert island – which products would you pick?

Tresemee Hair Serum (especially in the heat on an island)! Conditioner and a hair brush!!

Are you a styling fiend or more wash and go?

Wash and go! haha

Would you ever be tempted to have a SUPER dramatic vietnam human hair makeover? Or have you ever done it and did you have serious hair regret afterwards?

Not really, I like more classic looks and have had similar hair for ages, it’s what defines me!

What’s the best hair compliment you’ve ever received?

I get quite a lot of compliments on the colour and on my fringe 🙂

What style do you think has had its day and needs to be retired?

Probably pastel hair!

What is your top tip for healthy tresses?

I like to plait mine before bed so it doesn’t mess it up or tangle it in the night! Also tangle teasers are a god send to thick hair!!

Have you ever been told any hair wisdom that has stuck with you through life?

Well, someone I did an internship with told me about the ‘pre-poo’ idea and when I looked it up and researched it a bit more I knew I would put it into my hair care routine!

Who is your ULTIMATE hair crush and why?

It has to be Paloma Faith, a feisty red head with so much character and always with perfect styles.

Thanks for chatting Paige! We must admit, we’re really intrigued by your ‘pre-poo’ advice! You can check out Paige at her blog, Paige Joanna.

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