Uh-oh! So you’ve woken up late, have no time to shower, and your hair is looking far from perfect? Don’t worry! Just read on for our bad hair day quick fixes – they’re sure to save you from your waking hair ‘mare!Bad Hair Day Quick Fixes



Our first speedy, simple awful day hair settle is the holy messenger mesh. Ideal for masking oily blasts or face-confining layers, this hair-sparing ‘do just takes a couple of moments, yet looks super chic!

To make your heavenly attendant twist, first give yourself a side separating. At that point, take up a little segment of hair close by your separating and gap it into three a balance of. To start, traverse the center area, and afterward traverse the left segment (which should now be in the center) – simply like you would with a standard three-strand twist.

Next, start to French interlace your hair. Be that as it may, rather than joining additional hair on the two sides of your mesh, simply include hair from the front. This will give your blessed messenger interlace tallness – and it’ll serve to hold your plait perfectly set up along your hairline, as well.

When you reach your ear, stop French braiding. Instead, finish up by weaving a basic, three-strand braid all the way to the tips of your hair and secure with a hair tie. Finally, add the finishing touches to your angel braid hairstyle by tucking your braid behind your ear. And there you have it – a cute braid that’s sure to liven up those lacklustre locks!


Our second bad day hair fix for greasy hair is what we Dirty Looks girls call ‘the twist’. It’s pretty much one of the easiest hairstyles out there, so it shouldn’t be hard to master – even if you’re still half-asleep!

To create your hair twist, first give yourself a side parting. Then (as with the angel braid), take up a small section of hair alongside your parting. Simply twist the hair until you’re left with a rope-like effect. Then, all that remains to do is to pin your twist into place at the side of your head!

Of course, you don’t have to stick to just one hair twist – if you’d like to create one on either side of your face, just give yourself a middle parting instead of a side part. Then, you can create two symmetrical boho-looking twists!

And that, reluctant morning-risers, is how to get ‘the twist’. Told you it was easy!

Bad Hair Day Quick Fixes



Our first quick bad hair day fix for straggly hair is the mermaid braid. With this sneaky plaiting technique, you can create the illusion of twice as much hair – perfect for those days when your locks are looking lank!

To get the look, sweep your tresses over one shoulder and divide them into two equal sections. Flip one of the sections back over your shoulder to keep it out of the way for vietnam virgin hair now.

To begin your mermaid braid, take up the front section of hair, divide it into three and reverse braid all the way to the tips of your hair. A reverse braid is basically just like a normal three-strand braid, but instead of crossing each strand over the middle, you’ll need to cross each strand underneath as you go. Tie off your reverse braid with a hair tie.

Next, do the exact same thing with the section of hair that you flipped over your shoulder earlier – but when you reach the tips of your hair, remove the hair tie from the first reverse braid and use it to fasten both braids together. To finish off your ‘do, fasten the two braids together with bobby pins, pinning from the back of your mermaid braid so that the pins can’t be seen. Et voilà – a speedy, thick-looking mermaid braid!


Our second hair fix for straggly hair is a side pony with a difference. What is that difference, you ask? Well; this bad hair day fix involves one of our all-time favourite products: the Bobby Glam Wrap Around Ponytail!

To achieve an instantly thick-looking side ponytail, first gather your tresses over one shoulder and fasten them into place with a regular hair tie.

To attach your Bobby Glam Wrap Around Ponytail, simply fasten the ‘teeth’ of your pony into your hair tie. Then, wrap the velco strip around the base, securing in place using bobby pins. And there you have it – a super thick pony that looks like it’s all your own!

With these bad hair day quick fixes, we can narrowly avoid certain hair disaster and face the day in style! Do you have any of your own bad hair day fixes?

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