Need a pretty curly hair extensions

The contorted low side pig tail ought to take under 5 minutes (if that) to reproduce so it’s ideal in case you’re a little strapped for time yet at the same time need a pretty curly hair extensions !

To start brush the majority of your hair through and make your side separating. (In the event that you need this style to be smooth and smooth make certain to fix remy hair extensions in advance, on the off chance that you’d like it a little muddled include a few twists all through the finishes before reproducing the wound low side pig tail.) Use your eyebrow as a guide and start the separating from curly hair extensions  simply over the curve of your eyebrow Công ty cổ phần quốc tế sara. (On the off chance that you need a profound side separating, have the separating in accordance with the curve of your eyebrow)

Convey every one of remy hair extensions round to the side (For this instructional exercise we will convey it round to the side inverse to which your curly hair extensions hit is against, that is whether you have one hehe).

Presently you have to keep an eye on the side which your strike is against. Beginning at your earline, start to wind your hair inwards against your head and stick set up as you’re going. Stick appropriate around to the opposite side of your neck taking after your neck line. The contort ought to be comfortable base of your head.

When stuck to the opposite side, accumulate the rest of the hair and go along with it with your hair which you have quite recently been curly vietnam hair extensions contorting and sticking. Secure into a pig tail utilizing a little remy hair extensions band. Ensure the bit of your hair is confronting inwards while doing this!

What’s more, there you have it, your bent low side pig tail is finished! It’s super simple and looks super chic! We cherish.
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