One piece hair extensions

One piece hair extensions might be speedy and simple to fit, yet we simply don’t comprehend why young ladies pick them over a full head set of clip in hair extensions!!

APOHAIR full head sets are composed so that the hair is spread more than 10 wefts that sit in better places on the make a beeline for make all over common and charming length, volume and thickness, however with one piece hair extensions all the hair is set on only one weft implying that you don’t get even scope for the most regular look conceivable!

It can be hard to conceal the disengagement between your short layers and the extensions with one piece hair extensions … and frequently the one piece water body wavy hair doesn’t achieve appropriate around to the front of the head so they don’t mix well with your front layers.

Mixing is key for a characteristic looking completion … unless obviously you need the “fake” look… actually we’re not fans!

Having all the hair situated on the one piece virgin hair extensions can likewise be somewhat awkward! They can be substantial and this can put weight on the clasps making them more hard to keep set up. Spreading the hair more than 10 wefts makes  virgin hair extensions far less demanding and more agreeable to wear … and there’s less weight on the individual clasps either!!

So women, albeit one piece hair extensions may appear like a quicker technique for clasp ins we would truly ask you to go for a more regular look with a full head set

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