Paranormal Things From A Vietnamese Women 100 Years Old With Long Hair 350cm

That is a real story of Mrs. Pham Thi Tuong (1Hamlet, Hung Nhuong Commune, Giong Trom District, Ben Tre Province, Vietnam Country).

She had ever been died for 7 days and then alive again

When she was 9 years old, when she slept, she dreamed that there was someone said that in short time later, she would have to “up to Heaven”, if there were specific “grounds” the life would return, otherwise it would be gone forever.

Later that dreaming night about ten days, while her health was normal, you still played with her neighbors, suddenly her health became weaker. Because she was haunted by dreams and she told parents: “I go to Heaven now. If 7 days later, you don’t see that I come back, then  burry me please”.

Just finish speaking, she stopped breathing. Meanwhile, the whole family was very sad, although they dare not believe her words before she died, but everyone in the family had slim hope that she would live again so they didn’t burry her. Her parents traveled around the temples to pray for their daughter can return. Seven days passed, she began to move feebly, the eyes gradually unfolding. Everyone was overjoyed at this time, trying to put every little spoonful of porridge to recuperate quickly.

Mrs.Tuong shared: I do not know anything for seven days apnea. My memory during the seven days was a void without any image persistence. After that short dead time, she could not eat anything related to animals, mainly food is plant. “I can’t eat any meat. Every time eating meat, I will puking, ” she shared.

Later in life, besides fruit, she could eat vegetarian noodles. Specifically she had never felt his life of austerity. Another strange thing after seven days she died and then rose again, in addition to not eat animal foods, whoever touched her hair or her hair had water, she would feel painfully on her head so much.

Initially, everyone didn’t know this, parents still gave her tools to wash normally. However, after each bath, they found the seriously ill, to ten days. After such time, the parents discovered her sickness was due to the action of water. Also since then she said goodbye with water.

All her body, only her hands and legs could be exposed to water, while other parts were not well since then, no bath any. Daily, she used wipes to wipe the body and change clothes. But the body emit pleasant fragrance of incense scents of people who see … Also about that year, she had hair not be cut because whenever she cut hair, she would have a headache with high levels.

To ten years old, suddenly hair greasy tools together. Not bathing, trimming and when she died, she had long hair about 3.5m. To hair does not affect her life, she took a garment for holding a brown bag and wrap hair around her neck.

Many people wished to witness the strange hair but she disagreed and said: “It has been for decades and no one could see my hair”. According her speaking, though going up to the age of 100, but there was only specific hair a few strands of silver, the remaining chestnut brown.

When asked about the secret of longevity that remains healthy, particularly from cost sharing: “I do not have any secret. Perhaps because we don’t eat animal foods but eat plant foods and regular commuter. Not only that, I tried to read Buddist scriptures very often to contemplate the life “.


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