5 Reasons You Should Be Using Hair Oil

Moroccan oil hit the scene about seven years ago, and it struck the market like wildfire. While I was travelling the hair show circuit with lace closure, I remember seeing hordes of hairdressers walking around with huge bags with Moroccan Oil emblazoned on them. I should have seen this as a sign that the world of hair care was about to be turned on its head.

Since the hair oil potions and lotions have exploded, you can’t go into a beauty store without seeing two or three brands of hair oil treatments, oil-based shampoos, and conditioners. Any brand worth their salt has their version of a hair oil now.

What’s so great about hair oil?

Scientists believe that using a hair oil once a week may help you avoid the outer layer known as the cuticle from getting damaged and fraying. Why is this good you ask lace closure? Ever hear of a split end? Well, this is how split ends start. In addition to providing basic nourishment for health and strength, oil acts as a protective shield to prevent your hair from all kinds of damage caused by the sun, hot tools, and just life in general.

Is hair oil good for hair extensions?

The answer is a resounding yes! Hair oil can keep your extensions looking and feeling as good as the day you got them.

However, the answer can also be no! If hair oil isn’t applied properly, your extensions may fall out. Always exercise extreme caution when using hair oil. Never put hair oil anywhere near your hair extension attachment.

What can adding a hair oil do for you?Here are my top 5 reasons I recommend a hair oil to my clients.

1. Prevents Damage/ Stops Damage

What many people don’t know is that once you damage your hair it can never be undone. There is no permanent fix, except a good haircut. Every single conditioner or product available on the market only makes your hair feel and look better temporarily. Don’t believe me? Stop using your favorite conditioner for a week. It won’t be pretty.

Hair oil helps prevent damage in the first place lace closure. The leading cause of hair damage is from thermal damage aka your molten hot lava flat iron. Applying a small amount of hair oil before hot tools will help prevent thermal damage.

If your hair is already damaged, hair oil fills in the holes in your hair created by damage to the cuticle of your hair. This helps the cuticle layer lay flat, so it looks healthy again.

2. Strengthens the Hair Protein

Natural oils secreted by the sebaceous glands under the scalp infuse protein into the hair shaft. Hair oils such as argan oil, almond oil, castor oil, and olive oil will help supplement and restore the original strength of protein that is instrumental in improving the quality of hair. Additionally, it helps to reduce frizz and fragility by providing a generous bout of vitamin E.

3. Increases Shine and Attractiveness

Hair styling and excessive use of chemical hair products can lead to split ends and make your hair appear dull, rough and unevenly distributed. Regular use of a hair oil can give a healthy, shiny, and nourished look to your mane. By nourishing your hair through regular oiling, you can rejuvenate shine and silkiness, and prevent split ends.

4. Turn a Regular Hair Conditioner Into a Turbocharged Deep Conditioner

One of my favorite ways to lace closure use a hair oil is to mix it with a regular conditioner. The extra boost from the hair oil turns your everyday conditioner into a deep hydrating conditioning masque. Leave it on for about 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse. Hair extension wearers – only apply mid-shaft down.

5. Relaxes the Mind and Body

Massaging the hair and scalp with lukewarm oil facilitates blood circulation in the head, and relaxes the mind and body. Moreover, 20-30 minutes of head massage on a weekly basis can help to soothe the capillaries  lace closure and nerves in the brain, which not only relaxes the mind but also tends to improve eyesight.

NOTE: This step is not for hair extension wearers. Whenever my clients come into the salon, I will give them a scalp massage with hair oil infused scalp therapy conditioner after I remove their extensions. It helps restore the natural oils to the scalp. Then, I always make sure to do a deep cleansing shampoo before I apply extensions again.

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