10 Most Essential Don’ts of Great Hair Care

Despite the fact that majority of people stick to products they are comfortable with, like most, a lot of people still need to be reminded of the basic routines to adopt. If you really want to keep your hair healthy, neat and well treated for some years, you should run away from preventable problems caused by poor hair care practices or old hair care practices handed over to us from relatives.
Subsequently, what must you do to ensure that your locks stay healthy, glow and attractive for a very long period?

1. Don’t go for the cheapest. It is a fact that we all want to cut and reduce cost but avoid going for the cheapest products at your grocery shop to the barest minimum. Cheap products can be very dangerous and damaging.
2. Visit your stylist regularly and do not cut your own locks. Although it is tempting to cut the bangs out of your head but ensure you resist the temptation and check on your stylist for assistance.
3. Avoid too much exposure of your hair to the sun, chlorine, salt and other chemicals as they can wreak havoc to the follicles. If you can not avoid exposure completely, ensure you cover up as much as possible.
4. Avoid using clarifying products on your tresses more than once a week to prevent stripping out the essential oil and moisture. Regular use of clarifier products can cause dryness and can in time split ends. Use moderately.
5. Avoid the use of non-skilled and nonprofessional stylists. How many advertisements on styling by High-end Salons do you see on the pages of news papers or internet? Interestingly few! Very cheap and franchised kind of salons can be very risky. Inquire from your friends and get referral. Don’t leave your look to amateurs to handle.
6. Avoid buying color-in-a-box. They are cheap and fake products, when applied wrongly, can result to serious damage to your hair and body. Get a professional to give your hair the perfect color.
7. Don’t remain stuck to the old school days. The 80s and 90s existed a long time from now. Be not afraid to change your style to blend with the recent fashion trend and style.
8. Avoid the use of clothes iron in the place of straightening iron. Shockingly, many people practice this and it’s a big NO to this. This can cause serious damage and injury to you. Buy a straightening iron.
9. Avoid brushing your hair too hard while still wet. This can be helpful to you especially if you have thin or damaged hair.
10. Avoid the use of lemon juice or other related products as lightener. This can acutely fry you.

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