Hair Extensions: My True Story & What I Learned

In today’s society, a lot of the time hair extensions are seen in a negative light. It may be perceived as superficial to wear hair extensions, and sadly, a lot of girls are judged for it. But what’s important to realize, is that hair extensions are nothing but a tool to help women look and feel more confident. If you have naturally long, beautiful and thick hair – you’re a lucky girl. But some of us aren’t so lucky. Some women have really thin hair either as a result of genetics, stress or an illness, which makes them feel insecure on a daily basis. Or maybe, the hair just won’t grow past a certain point (just like mine used to), or has the length but not the volume. In those cases, we definitely need a little extra help from hair extensions to achieve the hair we’ve always dreamed of. And there is nothing wrong with that – just like we put on a little makeup to enhance our natural look, we can clip in a little hair to feel like a mermaid on our big day (or every day!).

This belief was truly reinforced after reading countless of touching emails and reviews I’ve received from APOHAIR  customers. Luxies helped restore confidence – which helped turn personal and professional lives around for the better. Luxies helped them fall in love with their hair all over again. They helped overcome their darkest moments due to illnesses and/or temporary hair loss. They helped women feel beautiful on the most memorable days of their lives, just like they deserve to. It’s emails like those that make me think – wow, this is truly something that makes a difference. And it’s so empowering.

And I get it, not everybody has a story like this – honestly, sometimes we just want to look a little extra glamorous – and again, there’s nothing wrong with that. I personally think that we need to shift the perception of hair extensions from being superficial, inaccessible, and fake – towards hair extensions being none other than an accessory that helps you look and feel beautiful, a tool that everybody can have access to, not just celebrities. Just like makeup. Just like the nice clothes. Just like those cute shoes.

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