Clip in hair extensions are personal

You are beautiful the way you are. And there’s no doubt about that, not one bit. But if you want to rock extra voluminous and longer hair, and if it makes you feel more confident – girl, you do you. *cue Christina Aguilera – who btw, also wears hair extensions*
• This is my true story and all opinions are entirely my own. Clip in hair extensions are my personal choice of hair extensions, because I’ve never wanted to commit to a more permanent method like tape-in extensions, have them sewn in or micro bonded. I am sure those methods work just as well, depending on your hair and what you’re looking for – I encourage you to learn more about the different types of hair extensions and decide what’s right for you. The reason why clip in hair extensions appealed to me most, is because of the no commitment, their ease of use, the fact that I was able to clip them in and out whenever I wanted, and also the fact that I could reposition them on my head depending on which hairstyle I wanted to wear.

• Although clip in hair extensions are completely safe and cause absolutely no damage to your hair, if you are experiencing severe hair loss, I strongly recommend to consult a doctor in regards to whether wearing hair extensions is right for you.

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