MCSARA is the number one go-to company for the finest quality hair extension products. Our products are 100% virgin Remy hair, making our straight Vietnamese hair extensions the top choice of women who long for sleek, soft and beautiful hair.

Hair can be a woman’s crowning glory. However, not everyone is born with perfect hair. Sometimes your own hair gets damaged, cut too short, or simply does not have the texture and feel that you desire. Fortunately, we offer Vietnamese Remy hair extension products that look and feel natural while allowing you to style it like it’s your natural hair.

Gone are the days when long, flowing and natural-looking hair was reserved for Hollywood A-listers. Genetics are no longer the sole determiner of hair color, strength, or beauty. Now, everyone can have long, luscious locks with our straight hair extensions!

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We are not afraid to admit that some varieties of synthetic hair do have their benefits. They are often made in large quantities because those retailer use inexpensive materials. In turn, synthetic hair varieties are some of the most affordable on the market. Many synthetic varieties and blends have a higher shine than human hair, and all of them can be made in a wider variety of colors and textures than virgin human hair. Some types can even last longer than Remy hair extensions depending on how the hair is installed.

However, stylists and celebrities will still agree that Remy Vietnamese straight hair extensions are the best in the industry. They have been MCSARA’s number one selling product for years. Here are just a few of the reasons why women prefer our products to even the highest-quality synthetic hair:

Our extensions are soft and manageable. Synthetic hair does not have the layer of protective cells, known as the cuticle, around it. Those cells are what give human hair its texture and keep it from getting tangled. Without it, even well-kept synthetic hair tangles easily and can form knots from regular day to day wear.

Our extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Synthetic hair can be too shiny or thin or have a strange texture. MCSARA’s extensions look and feel just like natural human hair because they are natural human hair. The luster or shine of the hair is medium to low, so anyone with any type of hair can achieve a seamless blend.

Our extensions last, and last, and last. Without a cuticle to protect it, synthetic hair is extremely susceptible to damage by everything from sunshine to regular brushing. Our extensions can last anywhere from six months to a year!

Our extensions react just like your natural hair. You can style, cut, and even dye our natural Vietnamese hair extensions along with your natural hair, making it easy to change up your look.


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