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MCSARA UK Bridal Expert Vicki Lord has created a chic bridal updo with MCSARA. Find out from Vicki how she created the look in her very own blog post.
The beehive is a popular hair extensions for brides lace closure, from the original era of the 1960’s worn as a classic style, and in more recent years rocked with a retro vibe. The most important thing to remember when styling vintage-inspired bridal looks is to avoid them looking dated.
A lovely way to freshen up a beehive is to createa tiered look, because modern accessories can be added and more height created. This is a hairdo that can be worn with strong make-up to create a striking, glamorous look, or the make-up can remain subtle for the more classic, natural brides.
A beehive sets off a high-neck dress or dresses with an illusion neckline, or if the dress is strapless and faux-fur shrug or an embellished cape looks really elegant draping the bare shoulders.
I used three Cannes MCSARA  hair extensions to create the height of this style, and styling products including Dry Shampoo to create added volume.

How-to create this three-tiered beehive bridal hairstyle using Balmain:
The hair is set in preparation for the styling lace closure.
The hair was isolated at the front and sectioned away from the crown area and placed forward.
I dressed the rest of the hair back into a ponytail at the crown of head.
I applied two B-Loved hair pieces onto the ponytail base to create a voluminous beehive and tucked the rest of the pony under the B-Loved and secured it in place.
The front section of hair was then divided into two separate sections from the top of each ear to the top of the head in front of the beehive.
The hair was then back-brushed to create volume in each section lace closure .
The first section was dressed back, this created the second slightly lower beehive; I secured this with pins into the B-Loved.
The last section was also dressed back, creating another smaller beehive bringing the hair away from the face enhancing the cheekbones and elongating the neck line.
The hair was set with hairspray to secure in place, and to add shine lace closure.
I added a bejeweled wrap accessory to create a three-dimensional and glamorous finish to the hairstyle.

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