MCSARA – Wavy hair extensions and lace closure

Ah, the joy of weaves! They are one of the best ways for African-American women to achieve a large variety of hairstyles. From long and straight, to full and wavy hair, to short and curly, weaves are the go-to for glamour and versatility. However, have you experienced itchy weave syndrome? Guess what? You’re not alone.

African-American women who enjoy the look of weaves are accustomed to “the itch.” We scout out a private place, grab our comb (or maybe a long fingernail), and scratch or pat to our heart’s content. If the itch is really bad, we do it right there, and we don’t care who’s looking.

But we all know all that patting and scratching is probably not attractive. An itchy weave means there’s a problem lace closure  . Once we understand the cause of the problem, we can create a solution.

There are several reasons why a weave may be giving you a case of “the itch.” If the wavy hair   is applied too tight, there can be a lack of air circulation. What happens when the scalp is trapped without moisture lace closure  ? It gets dry, and that can lead to itchiness. That’s why it’s important to keep the scalp moisturized. A good, natural moisturizer or oil is your best choice. In addition, a stick nozzle is perfect for application.

Proper scalp hygiene is crucial, but washing the hair too frequently can give you an itchy weave. Although it’s important to wash and dry your natural wavy hair   thoroughly before you visit a salon for a weave application, after the weave is applied once a week or once every two weeks is the amount of time you should shampoo. In addition, when you do wash your hair it’s important to pay attention to the type of shampoo and conditioner. As with your moisturizer, aim for natural products. You may also try a dry shampoo in between liquid shampoos to help keep the hair free from odor.

Proper washing will help to avoid another reason for itchy weave and that’s the accumulation of dead lace closure   skin cells or dandruff. Dandruff can cause an inflammation of the roots, and that can lead to itching.

Fungus growth on the scalp can trap moisture under a weave which can lead to itching. Companies, such as Her Imports, apply an anti-fungal/anti-bacterial coating to their wavy hair   products to relieve the itching. You may also buy antiseptics applied to the itchy spots of the scalp to relief discomfort. Antiseptics can be applied with something like a cotton swap or they can be sprayed on.

Finally, let you hair down once-in-awhile rather than tying it up every night lace closure  . This gives your weave a chance to breathe and air out which will help to prevent an itchy weave

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