The website, Baller Alert, describes a lace closure as “hair piece, only a few inches long and wide and is usually made of a lace that is attached to a French-braided base and secured around the perimeter.” Lace is the preferred choice of closure over silk ones. Women who have the habit of changing their hairstyles every now and then would have likely tried out different types of weaves, which has become one of the quickest ways to achieve the desired look in terms of body, volume, color, texture, and shine – all at one time.

A closure works by blending the weave along with the natural hair. Closures are produced circular or squared in shape, are installed on top of a French-braided base, and are sewn around the perimeter of the closure to give the illusion of hair flowing from the scalp of the head. To the naked eye, it would be hard to tell between the natural hair and the weave while wearing the closure. Closures come in several textures, so there’s usually no need for any additional treatment done in order to match the weave or extensions.

A seamless lace closure is the most popular choice due to the fact that they are thinner and lie flatter on the head. Unless you’re a professional stylist, the closure makes it difficult to distinguish between where the real scalp ends and the lace closure begins. On the other hand, silk closures help create the appearance of real scalp. However, silk closures aren’t as thin as a lace closure, meaning it may not be easy to install them flatly on the head. Lace closures are designed with medium thickness and bleached knots which gives the appearance of a natural scalp. None of the natural hair is exposed which allows it to rest and grow. This is helpful for women who have thinning hair or are weary of exposing their natural hair to styling elements such as heat.

Women who are looking to bind their natural looking extensions with their own hair should consider getting closures for a more flawless look. Be sure to research your hair extensions and the best lace closure available from quality retailers, such as Her APO HAIR, and choose from their high-quality 100% Vietnamese hair bundle deals to the more natural-looking Vietnamese lace closures that your money can buy.

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