Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Medium length is the most universal one, especially when it comes to thin hair, and you can make lots of cool hairstyles even if you wish your hair was much thicker. These are rather versatile, including loose styles on the basis of bob haircut and various updos with braiding, twists or ponytails. If you don’t know how to style your fine hair, opt for a bob cut that looks great straight with teasing at the roots or curly. Enhanced texture and a messy touch will save you when you are constantly on the go.
Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair. Here are some of the cutest visualized ideas to embrace.

#1: Medium Hair with a Side Part
Trendy, tousled hair is all the rage right now, but for those with thinner hair, you will need to incorporate in a side part. Combing your hair in one direction will instantly add a boost of body that will really serve as a pick-me-up solution on those flat hair days. If you have medium length hair with bangs, brush the hair above the bangs straight back for that extra volume.
#2: Sleek and Straight Thin Hair
Layered haircuts for thin hair are definitely one solution when you’re looking for more volume. However, you can actually show off your super straight hair with an angled bob. Add in a shine serum to brighten things up and keep hair looking ultra-healthy.
#3: Color Statement
Pinkish auburn hair is definitely unique, and yet not immature. Shoulder length haircuts for fine hair often benefit from a fun color that isn’t seen every day. Afraid you can’t pull off this hue? Work with a stylist to determine what out of the box colors will look fantastic next to your skin tone.
#4: Medium Length Tousled Waves
Haircuts for thin hair can vary from slightly layered to seriously shagged, but your final look is all about how you style your hair. This style provides a ton of volume, making it impossible to tell how fine the hair really is. The waves and tousled texture give thickness, while the braid works as a pretty accent.
#5: Adorably Poofy Pony
Bumping up the hair by teasing it is the easiest way to achieve some extra volume fast. Basic pony tails can get really boring. Why not shake things up a bit and make your look way dressier and put together at the same time? This cute pony does the trick.
#6: Smooth Thin Layers
The coolest way to go blonde is with a soft ombre. This bob is a perfect mix of balayage highlights and ombre—the colors are well blended and smoothly faded, but the hair still has that custom, hand-painted effect. Shoulder haircuts look best when they skim the collarbone.
#7: Shaggy Cut with Flipped Up Ends
This layered look is totally easy to style. As a rule, fine hair isn’t frizzy, so there’s no need to blow hair out for smoothness—only for volume. Let your hair air dry partly and then use a round brush to flip the ends out if necessary. Next, apply a very light weight texturizing cream.
#8: Chic and Sleek Side Parted Bob
Sleek medium hair should still be slightly teased at the roots and tousled towards the ends. It’s hard to imagine a more gorgeous bob than this: asymmetry, body, sleekness, and shine, with just a touch of that bedhead look. An absolute must-have.
#9: 90’s Inspired Face Framing Layers
When most people think of nineties hairstyles, they picture something like tiny buns in their minds. But the reality is that cute, layered haircuts like this one—with choppy pieces that hit at the cheekbones and all the way down—used to be much more common. Nowadays this cut is new again if you pair it with a trendy hair color.
#10: Carefree Medium Waves
Volume and texture are the most important qualities of hairstyles for fine hair. With today’s trendy hairstyles, they can be achieved almost effortlessly. The first thing you’ll probably want to experiment with is imperfect waves. This easy style is fast, easy, and super cool to boot.

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