Do you remember having your hair braided for several hours back when you were a child? Once you get past the grueling hours of styling and braiding, you’ll notice that summer braids actually helped in keeping your hair manageable and untangled despite the numerous outdoor activities (such as swimming and day camps) you engaged in.

Braids, however, aren’t limited to children anymore: summer hairstyles are making a comeback, especially for women looking for a particular look that wouldn’t inhibit them from enjoying the summer heat. Even celebrities like Beyonce and Solange Knowles are known to tie their hair into braids once summer kicks off. Some of these summer braids will look better when coupled with natural Vietnamese hair extensions, which also protect your hair from sun damage.

Crochet Braids
Among the numerous black hairstyles that are making comebacks this season are crochet braids, first made popular back in the 90s. Crochet braids nowadays look more real and, when coupled and styled with natural hair extensions, will look very similar to any woman’s natural hair texture.

What makes crochet braids a trend today is the fact that these take less time to make, unlike other intricate hairstyles. Furthermore, underneath the hair extensions, natural hair is actually protected, allowing the scalp to “breathe” while requiring only minimum maintenance.

Box Braids
Among the most popular summer braids, this hairstyle is so named because of the box-shaped elements formed while creating this braid. Box braids are created by braiding hair (using straight hair extensions to create long plaits) and then sealing the ends by burning these with a lighter.

Ghana Braids
Also known as banana cornrows, this hairstyle requires hair extensions to be worn touching the scalp. You simply have to begin with a regular cornrow braid, then gradually incorporating the hair extensions by the nape to create a larger plait.

Senegalese and Marley Twists
First gaining popularity in West Africa, Senegalese twists are achieved by wrapping straight hair around the roots of your natural hair, then two-strand twisting to its ends. Though a similar technique is used to create Marley twists, what makes it different from the Senegalese twists is the type of hair involved: Marley hair uses kinky or wavy hair to resemble the Afro hairstyle.

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