Wearing lace closures is an effective option

Wearing lace closures is an effective option for women who needs constant hair styling but are wary of the damage it may bring. The lace closure is a hairpiece threaded with virgin Remy strands that is usually sewn or attached atop a finished cornrow braid. It allows for a diverse styling opportunities while protecting your natural hair underneath.

The Installation Process

Lace closures are usually designed with the same medium density up to its hairline. To create a more natural look, it’s an effective practice to thin down the hairline using tweezers prior to attaching the piece. You may also use a rattail comb to create a permanent parting to the threads before sewing them onto your braids.

Despite the convenience it brings, these weaves should also be removed every once in a while to allow your own tresses to be thoroughly conditioned and cleaned. If you feel pain or headaches after the application, then it means that you must have tightened it for too much, and so it must be loosened immediately.


Once installed properly, the base material of the hair piece blends well with your own scalp, giving a beautiful natural appearance of your original locks. Similar to wearing wigs or lace fronts, you may also part the strands of the closure in any direction for your desired hairdo. Even more, it also gives you the opportunity to perm, straighten or perform any other chemical process to the weaves without damaging a single follicle to your braided hair.

Besides optimum styling, this hair extension type also eliminates the trouble of difficult color and texture blending. Lace closures are available in most textures of virgin Remy hair, from Vietnamese body waves to silky straight strands, which you may easily experiment with various colors for your dream look. Furthermore, you only need to wear a cap or wrap the hair at night for its upkeep and you’re good to go in the morning.

In choosing the best lace closure, always invest in the authentic virgin Remy type, which you may purchase from renowned providers like Her Hair Company.

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