When you think of hair extensions, you may think of rough hair that typically lasts a couple of days. However, when you choose Vietnamese hair, you can erase those thoughts from your mind completely. Simply run your hands through your hair extensions to feel that natural smoothness. Hair should not only look great, but it should feel great, too. When you choose Vietnamese straight hair from trusted retailers such as Her Hair Company, you get the great look, and the natural smoothness.

Virgin Hair

Most hair extensions come from multiple donors, which is not always optimal due to possible inconsistencies. When you choose Vietnamese extensions, you are choosing 100 percent virgin hair that comes from a single donor. This type of hair is free from the chemical process, and maintains its natural smoothness with proper care.

No More Styling Hassles

Even though you may have purchased straight hair extensions, you are not required to wear your hair straight. With Vietnamese straight hair, you can use the curling iron to add some curls and even more bounce. If you want to pull your hair up into a quick up-do, you can do that as well. Meanwhile, if you find a slight wave in your straight hair extensions, you can use a flat iron to straighten those waves out.

The bad hair days that require hours and hours of styling are gone when you add Vietnamese extensions to your hair. You can use the virgin hair extensions for almost any type of hairstyle that you desire. Do not be under the misconception that the natural softness of your hair will disappear; it will not! You can style your hair extensions the same way you would style your natural hair.

Explore Different Hair Textures

Yet another benefit of opting for straight Vietnamese extensions is the fact that they are naturally compatible with many hair types, especially African American hair. If you have naturally curly hair, Vietnamese extensions will also work well for you.

When you walk down the street, your Vietnamese extensions will give you confidence, in addition to a vibrant, younger look. Do not worry about the feel or appearance of your hair; this virgin hair extension appears shiny, and it is thick, long-lasting, and natural to the touch!

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