Indianapolis, Indiana (September 2, 2015) — Big hair is making a comeback. With celebrities wearing their curls proudly, it has once more become a must-have style among women. It’s pretty easy to see why many are going gaga over natural curls, bed head curls, and Boho hair: The look is soft and flattering, and it works with virtually any hair length. Women who are naturally curly only have to scrunch and they’re ready to go! Luckily, for ladies who don’t have a glam team to pamper and keep their curls intact, specialist distributors like Her Hair Company offer lovely Vietnamese Curly hair extensions that can be styled as desired.

Her Hair Company’s Vietnamese Curly boasts of soft, luxurious curls. As a Remy hair, it’s made of high-quality natural human hair which has not undergone treatment of any sort. With delicate preparation, the cuticles remain intact much like seamless shingles are to a brand-new roof. Aligning the cuticles in a single direction helps keep these Vietnamese hair extensions remain soft, smooth, and luscious for a long time.

Unlike synthetic hair that easily breaks or melts with styling, Vietnamese Curly is able to maintain its beauty longer, provided it isn’t constantly exposed to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, or harsh chemicals.

Additionally, it’s very-low maintenance. “Our Vietnamese Curly gives women on the go a great style without a heavy regimen. Other than deep conditioning or co-washing, light moisturizing products are all it takes for daily care,” said the company. For more styling options, a YouTube guru recommended using a diffuser in drying to make the curls more defined and bouncy.

While big curls look beautiful, voluminous, and sexy, though, Her Hair Company understands that it doesn’t fit all types of occasion. Fortunately, Vietnamese Curly does not limit the user’s choices. “The specific type of curly hair extensions we offer allows you to easily switch from luxurious curls to a smooth and straight style,” said the distributor.

About Her Hair Company

The business is among the leading hair retailers of best quality virgin hair extensions in the country. Through its commitment to customer service, it has managed to earn an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Her Hair Company’s staff has a combined experience of more than 20 years in the beauty industry, with some being licensed stylists from reputable cosmetology institutions like Aveda Fredric’s and Paul Mitchell. The company transacts orders online and is accessible 24 hours a day.

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